If youre a member of a fundraising board, youre not required to do formidable tasks. Your responsibilities are fairly realistic, reasonable, and very doable. If you do them with commitment and dedication, and inspire the rest of the board to Your responsibilities are fairly realistic, reasonable, and very doable. If you do them with commitment and dedication, and inspire the rest of the board to do the same, you increase the chances of success for your committee to successfully raise funds for your chosen charity or cause.

Every now and again, we all come across an article, shared post or even a pointed meme style post on social media that reveals that certain historical figures were able to predict future technology. They may not have known exactly what they were predicting but have still managed to describe future tech in surprising detail and accuracy. They may not have known exactly what they were predicting but have still managed to describe future tech in surprising detail and accuracy.

Amazingly, there have been certain historical figures that have predicted the smartphone, security cameras and maybe even the motor home. They may seem like everyday tech at the moment but when they were first imagined, they were well beyond anything that existed. Technology history and the predictions surrounding it can be quite fascinating. Its incredible to think that these gadgets that are now central to our lives were once nothing more than the ravings of people who were likely considered to be partially mad.

The machines of all kinds have been described in technology history well before they were close to existing. For more than a century, there have been guesses about what future tech would involve. In fact, in 1900, there was an entire event focused specifically on trying to guess what would be available to us at the turn of the millennium. Chocolate factory Theodor Hildebrand & Son launched a campaign that year called Germany in the year 2000.

That campaign saw the spotlight that year at the famed Paris Worlds Fair. The chocolate factory shared 12 postcards designed to be predictions of the type of technology Germany would have available at the start of the 21st century. The postcards contained beautiful and detailed illustrations of everything from a kind of personal flying machines to a locomotive-ship hybrid.

The combined ship and railway locomotive card showed that in the year 1900, some people believed that a vehicle would be created that would allow people and goods to travel across the water and then connect with a track and cross the land without ever having to be unloaded.

Another idea that was shared was the moving house. This allowed houses to be shipped via train so that people could move from one place to the next without changing homes. It somewhat calls to mind the concept of todays mobile and modular homes. Not a bad guess at all!

The personal flying machines were rather rough depictions. They were the type of homemade-looking wings youd expect a young child to create for his or her first science fair. However, just because the images didnt live up to reality, it doesnt mean that the concept didnt make it. While there are ultra-light aircraft and gliders in todays world, were also already edging on flying cars, with prototypes already in existence.

One device that seems quite ridiculous and yet still on the nose was the Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine. The drawing suggests that a police officer could set up the machine on a tripod and sit there, staring through a wall to catch criminals in the act. That may never have come to pass, but it does make you think about all the security devices currently available. On a basic level, security cameras could somewhat fill this category. However, there are also heat and infrared sensors as well as many other surveillance technologies that will essentially allow military and law enforcement personnel to see through walls and find out what people are doing on the other side.

But what about the technology we rely upon today? What mobile devices like smartphones? There have actually been several predictions pointing to mobile talking device.

However, one of the most fun came from Nikola Tesla, himself, and why not give this creative technology genius a bit of credit in this area? Recently, a quote from Tesla was discovered that indicated that by 1926, he was already predicting a communication device that was so simple that the average person would be able to bring it with them in a vest pocket. As though we needed another reason to think Tesla was completely awesome, there it is.

If you're having a difficult time handling the in-home dog training alone, you can always hire a professional dog trainer to visit your home and work with the animal for you, showing the animal where it should and shouldn't use the bathroom, when to sit, when to get inside of the crate, and when to follow other important commands. The trainer may also be able to provide you with some additional tips to follow when he or she is not around that could work to get your puppy to listen to you even more.

Training a dog is important because you want your dog to follow the rules and not create a huge mess inside your home. If you've just adopted or purchased an untrained puppy, follow these helpful tips to have success with in-home training. If you are putting forth the effort and you are being persistent, your dog should start listening. Some breeds are a bit more challenging to train than others and if you're having trouble, you can always have an expert come to your home to help.

Limitless options of what to see, feel and explore abound Your tour guide planner will make the necessary arrangement for you. So, the tourists get to enjoy their time when on a safari tour. See http://www.kilimanjarosafaritours.com for full details.

But you may wonder why people from all over the world troop to Kenya safari. For one thing, you get to enjoy a contrasting wilderness in Kenya safari that you will not experience anywhere else in the world. If your dream is to take a breathtaking leisure or vacation in the African region, your best bet would be Kenya safari.

You can be sure that your expectations will be surpassed. Sighting zebras, wildebeest in their natural habitat while exploring the savannah planes is not the type of view you see anywhere else. If your tourism spirit is still adventurous, you will find more interests in Masai Mara. And if you fancy sandy beaches, Kenya has places like Watamu, Malindi, Diani, and Galu to meet your fantasy of beach vacation. You will be surrounded by palm trees as they wave their palms at you while the gentle breeze from the ocean calms your nerves.

The name Kenya is synonymous with beauty and diversity. And if by chance you make your tours of Kenya during the annual migration period, you will be in for a breathtaking experience.

Watching wildlife as they go about their daily activities in Kenya safari will be worth every penny spent in planning for the tour. There is so much to see in the midst of beautiful landscapes and well-protected animals. Kenya safari presents a lot of options for you to partake in.

There is constant effort put into maintaining a proper balance between humans and wildlife preservation. It is for this reason that Lewa and Laikipia conservancies have come to be. These are made possible by the efforts put in by local conservation.

This is part of the reasons Kenya safari has gained international recognition. And this is the perfect time for you to be a part of this unforgettable experience.

As offering professional athletes with physical advantages, a hot tub can also help you unwind mentally. Many people feel nervous or anxious prior to competing and are often psychologically drained pipes later on. A jacuzzi session can help you meditate and Many people feel nervous or anxious prior to competing and are often psychologically drained pipes later on. A jacuzzi session can help you meditate and unwind so you remain in peak condition mentally and physically when contending. This is why numerous professional athletes will integrate aromatherapy with time invested in the tub.

A Better Night's Sleep

Another advantage of soaking in a hot tub is to help you sleep. According to numerous studies, individuals who soak in a relaxing hot tub about an hour to 90 minutes before going to bed generally find it easier to fall asleep.

Soaking in a hot tub won't ensure that you'll be able to get involved in your chosen sport injury-free, but it can certainly help. In addition, because the water can assist enhance your physical condition it indicates you will not require to rely on outside assistance such as anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

Have questions about choosing the best jacuzzi for hydrotherapy and relaxation? International Pool and Health club Centers can assist you discover the perfect hot tub for you. We bring Coast Spas, which are made in Canada and is the very best hot tub you can purchase in Canada.

When you reach your campsite, it is very important to be polite to your fellow campers. Utilise a leash or that rock-solid recall command to keep your dog out of complete strangers' campsites, and be sure to pick up and correctly get rid of your dog's waste. For maximum security and pleasure, your pet ought to stick near you at all times, and need to never ever be left unsupervised at the camping site, in an automobile, or on the trail. Keep in mind, weather can alter, wildlife can appear, and a host of other unforeseeable situations might occur.

Obviously, in some cases you may need to confine your puppy for security or benefit (say, while you're roasting hotdogs over the fire and a particular four-legged pal is determined to snag a sausage of her own). If your pet dog is crate trained, a portable, lightweight, fabric-walled crate is a vital addition to your camp package!

Have a good time!

Camping with your dog is a terrific way to get far from all of it and bond with your best buddy. Far from radiant screens and a million distractions, you'll take in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature with a true connoisseur. And absolutely nothing beats snuggling up with a canine in a cozy tent, the scent of campfire still remaining in the air. With a little preparation, you and your pet dog will be all set to hearken the call of the wild and have a blast!

In seawater pools, the salt cell This means filtration is essential not only to keep the water clear but also to keep the swimming pool chemistry well balanced. Avoiding filtering time reduces chlorine levels, making it more difficult to keep the water clean.

Tidy Salt from the Bottom.

Salt can settle to the bottom of a salt water swimming pool and form brownish or yellow stains. Usage pool brushes to clean the bottom of the pool to remove the additional salt deposits. A routine sweeping can keep the settled salt from developing and causing problems. An in-pool cleaning system can also remove settled salt.

Seal Pool Correctly.

Salt water is healthy for skin however destructive to numerous other products. A salt water swimming pool needs to be appropriately sealed so that the seawater doesn't rust any metal or otherwise damage the swimming pool.

Protect the Deck.

Decks surrounding swimming pools also need to be secured from the seawater, no matter whether the surround is made from concrete, wood or stone. A premium sealant must be applied to keep the salt water from causing expensive damage to the deck surface over time.

Set a Schedule.

The best way to keep your low-maintenance pool, well, low upkeep is to perform the basic, required checks routinely, which will help avoid major problems and repair work prior to they happen. To make sure this takes place, schedule regular pool chores ahead of time. Writing down swimming pool maintenance jobs on a calendar or setting pointers for them on your phone can be among the very best things you can do to preserve your swimming pool.

Enjoy Your Swimming pool.

Keep in mind that proper maintenance of your pool can provide it a longer life-span with no serious maintenance problems. If you enjoy swimming, take care of your swimming pool routinely and then enjoy it for numerous years!

Awnings fit to the side of the van, extending the comfortable location outside a car and adding living area which you'll be happy for in the long run. There are 2 primary sizes of awning: 'canopy' and 'deck', with the previous covering more area and costing more loan. One thing many people tend to forget is that awnings are typically intended to be utilized with a ground sheet. A basic one will do, however think about it as the bottom of a tent and you'll see its requirement pretty rapidly.

8. Sleeping bags

The sleeping bag/duvet argument is a common one in caravan circles, but for our money sleeping bags are just more flexible. If you like, you can sprinkle out on both, but only sleeping bags offer you the alternative of sleeping away from your automobile for enjoyable or in an emergency. If you can stretch to water resistant sleeping bags then do - even if you have no intent of going outdoors, you never understand exactly what scenario is around the corner.

7. Coolbox

A coolbox gives you a lot of freedom, however it can be lengthy to create one using ice or by freezing package prior to usage. Happily for ⤠80 you can grab an electronic, battery powered coolbox that'll spend for itself after the first few picnics.

6. Home entertainment

It may seem pointless, however having some simple entertainment on board can keep tourists in high spirits. A small television or e-reader can be bought for under ⤠100, and would be a sensible purchase for anybody planning long journeys. E-readers like the Kindle are particularly great for caravans, enabling you to carry a library of books at a feather-light, mileage-friendly weight.

5. Leisure battery

Obviously, you'll require a battery to power that entertainment. A 70ah to 115ah battery will get the job done, and costs from ⤠60 to ⤠90.

4. Dishware

A necessary however typically overlooked caravan accessory, many is the traveller who has actually stocked up on food then discovered mid-journey that they don't have a method to consume it. A basic melamine set of plates and flatware need to be sufficient, since they're difficult to break and simple to clean.

3. Locks

A caravan is halfway between a vehicle and a house, but many people treat it as no greater than a cars and truck. Caravans are usually extremely safe, but on busy websites or journeys where you'll be away for a while it helps to have some extra defense. Ensure you have the right security devices.

2. Steps

Another essential but commonly forgotten item, steps can slip your mind if you're fairly healthy. Just bear in mind that it won't constantly be simple to jump down from or heave yourself up into a caravan, and the day you've twisted an ankle or you're bring some shopping is the day you'll rue not investing in something sturdy to step on.

1. Containers

Containers are lifesavers on a caravan holiday, and will genuinely spend for themselves eventually. Carrying excess weight will cost you in gas cash, so make certain to carry water in a container to rake in the saving. Two roller containers will make life simpler, enabling you to quickly collect and get rid of water, no matter how far it is from your pitch.

La Zenia, a lovely inland town that is known for its fabulous shopping centre, was recently ranked by the Spanish property portal Costa Blanca Magic as the best town to find a bargain property. Click here for property for sale in La Zenia.

There are several Spanish property sites to help you compare prices and locations. Always employ a good, English speaking property lawyer in Spain to help you navigate the purchase and the legalities. You can expect to pay around 10% of the purchase for legal fees and other costs.

You may also like to consider buying on auction. There are many bargains to be found in the form of repossessed properties, either from buyers who have defaulted on their bank loans, and developers who have gone bankrupt. However, if you choose this route, it is best if you are already in the country. Properties move fast, so something you see online could be gone by the time you have had someone have a look at it for you. And, you should always inspect the property first otherwise you may never be quite sure what you are getting.

You can do a lot of comparing online before you go, but it is recommended to go and spend some time in the towns you are considering before you actually buy into them. This isnt just so you are able to look at the properties themselves, but also so that you can get a feel for the place and the lifestyle before you commit to a specific region or town.

For the truly adventurous, there is caving for underground experiences that will blow your mind. There is also the option to join an exciting trip riding an inner tube through the Caves Branch River Cave System, which is real easy caving for novices. There is also the option to join an exciting trip riding an inner tube through the Caves Branch River Cave System, which is real easy caving for novices. Likewise canoeing, kayaking or inner tubing on the Macal or Mopan Rivers in Western Belize offer unparalleled opportunities for fun and adventure.

Many people who visit Belize for experience-led holidays might consider chartering a boat for a cruise to isolated islands, such as kayaking and camping around Glover's Reef Atoll.

For those who like to laze about on the beach in romantic locations are also covered on a Belize break. It is also a perfect destination for a honeymoon, however the likelihood is that you will be searching for a beautiful Belize beach resort, the best Belize high-end resort you can find, possibly as part of an all inclusive getaway.

You are nearly spoilt for option for your Belize Honeymoon vacation, and obviously Belize isn't restricted just to honeymooners. A vacation on a Belize Caye is an unforgettable experience for any type of holidaymaker. There are a number of levels of lodging from the luxury resort to the inexpensive Belize hotel, so it is very important that you do your research study before you book a vacation here.

Ambergris Caye has Captain Morgan's Retreat, Victoria House, and off Ambergris Caye is almost a private island called Cayo Esperanto, which is definitely ideal for a beach honeymoon. Turtle Inn at Placencia is practically the ultimate Belize Beach honeymoon destination developed by Film Director Francis Coppola.

For low-cost travellers, Ambergris Caye offers the best accommodation options such as the San Pedro Holiday Hotel and Tides Beach Resort to name a few.

Belize genuinely has it all. It doesnt matter what the weather is like because there is always something exciting to do. The beaches are great but the exciting interior makes Belize even more enjoyable for adventure travellers. Belize is waiting to be discovered.

There's a Really, the novelty is a large part of the reason that such entertainment is so popular. Still not sure you'd like to see one of these acts - check out the examples on this musical act agency site.

Pretty much every guitar tuition site will give top class training in using a capo, but just to be safe you can check out the best online guitar lessons reviews to see whats available on the market.

How to Use a Capo

You need to place the capo behind one of the guitar's frets. If you will place the device on a fret, the strings will produce undesirable sounds. Make sure that your capo is not exerting excessive pressure on the strings. Guitar strings go out of tune when they receive too much pressure.

Important Note: Play each string after setting the device. You'll know that you did everything right if the strings are producing clear notes.

The Benefits

Now that you know how to use a capo, let's discuss the benefits that you can get from it:

It helps you in converting bar chords into open ones - To properly use a capo, you should be familiar with the "alphabet" of music. This alphabet consists of twelve notes. Every note is a half-step away from its closest "neighbors". In the guitar, one half-step is equal to one fret.

The standard tuning of a guitar is EADGBE. These letters correspond to the notes that come from each open string. If you will use a capo, the notes from the open strings will change. For example, if you will place the capo on the first fret, all of the notes will go up by one half-step. The tuning of your guitar will be FA#D#G#CF.

That means you can simplify complex chords quickly and easily. With a capo on the first fret, the B major chord (i.e. a bar chord) will be an A major chord (i.e. an open chord).

It helps you in changing the key of a song - In some cases, the original key of the song is not suitable for your vocal range. The song is probably too low or too high for your voice. You can use a capo to adjust the song's key: experiment with different capo placements to find the right match between the song and your voice.

It helps you in producing awesome sounds - In most cases, open chords sound better than bar ones. Additionally, embellishing notes is simpler and easier when you are working on open chords.

It can help you in creating a unique "guitar voice" - Guitars produce similar sounds if you are playing the same chords. If you are jamming with your friends, it's likely that your instruments will produce identical tones. If you want to differentiate your instrument, you may use a capo and play unique chord fingerings.

It helps you in improving the sound of a song - There are times when the original arrangement of a song sounds awful when you play it on your own. It is possible that the original recording didn't use a guitar. In this case, you can use a capo to improve the sound of the song significantly (while staying true to the song's key).

These poker In addition, third-party inspectors check the algorithm of the said sites. Thus, the sites are guaranteed to work as they should in terms of money transfers and card dealing. The OnlineCasinoPokerRoom has done a full review of BetOnline at their site.


Software quality is also important when choosing an online poker room. In particular, you need to consider three things: graphics, gameplay, and system stability. Most poker sites offer downloadable programs to players. With these programs, you can try out some poker games using virtual money before risking actual funds.

Let's discuss the quality-related elements in detail:

Graphics - This element has a huge effect on your overall playing experience. Obviously, you won't enjoy the game much if the poker room has poor visuals.

Gameplay - The gameplay of the poker room should be fun and simple. Determine whether you can easily follow the events on the poker table. Some sites (e.g. Pokerroom.com) highlights the person who must make the next action. This feature is a no-brainer, but it is not available on many sites.

System Stability - You won't enjoy the game if you will encounter system errors while playing. Poker is not an easy game. And glitches and system crashes can increase the stress and difficulty that you will experience.


This is probably the most important factor to consider. You need to analyze the factors given above in order to determine the "comfort level" of a poker site. Obviously, you should look for poker sites that make you feel comfortable. In general, you have to trust the virtual poker site to transmit your winnings, answer your questions accurately, and provide you with excellent playing experience.


There are a lot of poker websites out there. The sheer number of available options makes choosing a poker room extremely difficult. Consider the factors discussed in this article to find the best virtual poker room.

People flock to the coast for a holiday for relaxation, And accommodation owners are located in these coastal hotspots to ensure visitors have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay. There are cliff-top hotels, beach B&Bs, sea view holiday cottages and coastal campsites.

Here are 20 of the worlds best beaches that you simply have to prepare for to visit at least once in your lifetime. These have been rated by Britons as the top 20 destinations for superb sea views and for other reasons.

1. The Black Sea Coast for its excellent weather, affordability, and superb food.

2. The beaches of North Tunisia for its warm good weather all year round and superbly low prices.

3. The coast of the historic city of Anatolya in turkey for its superb views of both the sea and the mountain range.

4. The Sharm el-Sheik in Egypt for its vibrant marine life in its crystal clear waters; perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

5. The Algarve region of Portugal for its insanely low cost yet scenic beaches.

6. The Indian beaches of Goa for its paradise-like palm tree-lined beaches and excellent warm weather.

7. The beaches of Dubrovnik in Croatia for its pristine waters, superb hospitality, and great food.

8. The seaside city of Lamarca in Cyprus for its unparalleled sunset views and warm hospitality.

9. The popular beaches, albeit crowded, beaches of Crete in Greece for a taste of the warm Mediterranean waters.

10. The beaches of Spains Balearic Islands for its warm weather albeit it can get crowded in the summer.

11. The beaches of the Canary Islands, long been a favourite among Britons as a holiday destination.

12. The coast of Amalfi in Italy has long been a favourite British tourist destination since the beginning of the 20th century.

13. The warm waters of Bali in Indonesia for its culture, food, and religious tolerance. Its got excellently low prices, too.

14. The coastal region of UKs Cornwall has been providing Britons with a more practical way to enjoy their beach activities while also giving them a taste of history.

15. The French Cote dAzur has long been popular among the British aristocracy and members of the rich and famous.

16. The Maldives, with its more than 1,000 coral islands, make for a fantastic beach destination.

17. The beaches of Florida especially in the South Beach area for its warm weather and great food.

18. The islands of Hawaii have always been at the top of peoples mind, that is if you dont mind the rather prohibitive cost.

19. The coast of Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beaches as well as fantastic views, albeit pricey.

20. The beaches of Sydney for its warm weather and excellent hospitality.

There are other beaches you might want to explore. Nevertheless, these are just the top 20 beaches that Britons have been visiting across the world in the past century or so.

Llangenith on the Gower Peninsula is a popular holiday hotspots for watersports enthusiasts and families on vacation, thanks to the pretty holiday cottages in this part of Wales with a sea view, as well as a beachside campsite and local pubs with B&B accommodation.

Freshwater West

The incredible swells do not make it the right place for beginners. In fact, it can be quite scary so leave the experts to try it out. It might not be the best kitesurfing beach, but it can be at times, enough to give experts a real thrill.

Borth in Ceredigion Borth is relatively mild in comparison to other areas, meaning itís ideal for beginners. This is because the estuary divides the water into two sides: one full of waves and the other flat. With the wind, though, you can also stay on the offshore side and still enjoy the wind. Another plus for this place is the wonderful scenery of the Snowdonia mountains right there in the background.


The ideal conditions seem to exist here all the time. Rhosneigr also has Snowdonia National Park as a wonderful backdrop when you go kitesurfing. What makes it even better is its vicinity to other great locations like Angelsey, Llandudno and Black Rock Sands within a 15-minute drive away. No one is too old to try out a new water sport, especially if you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping holiday with your best buddies. Take advantage of the perfect kitesurfing conditions in the area, and find out how quickly it actually is to go from beginner to expert! These five spots will also have many self-catering cottages for you to easily rent as you improve your skills and enjoy flying and jumping in the wonderful waters off the Welsh coast. Before you know it, you will be a regular and maybe even a future champ!

City breaks are the perfect family bonding experience – they’re a great low-stress option for half-term - and Europe is full of child-friendly restaurants, hotels and activities. Here are our favourite cities for children of all ages.

1. London

With playgrounds and glorious parks in every neighbourhood, London has plenty to entertain young visitors. Its vast range of museums and sporting venues make it a winner for teens, too.

From the Tower of London to the Changing of the Guard, there’s much in London that will bring history to life; plus, most of its museums are free to enter.

2. Amsterdam

Forget any trips you made here pre-children. Actually, you probably already have. There is far more to  Amsterdam  than coffee shops and the red light district; in fact, it's the ideal place for children.

Start by touring the city by boat or bicycle. The Van Gogh museum is unmissable (buy tickets ahead to avoid queuing), and for children of mid-primary school age and upwards, the Anne Frank House offers unforgettable insight into the horrors of war - read this brave girl's diary ahead of the trip, as a family.

The food will please even the fussiest eaters (who doesn't like pancakes and chips?) In fact,  Amsterdam  may be the most easy-going family city destination in Europe

3. Copenhagen

Disney's sappy happy endings have no place in Copenhagen; here, the fairy tales take a darker and altogether more fascinating turn. From the sad mermaid in the harbour to the magical Round Tower, with its equestrian staircase, there is plenty of food for thought.

Tivoli, Copenhagen's amusement park, open since the days of Hans Christian Andersen, features a handful of adrenaline rides, but also flower gardens, funfair booths, a lake, good dining venues and a romantic air in the evenings. Sourced from: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/family-holidays/best-european-cities-for-family-holidays/

Top 10 family adventure holidays in Europe

Cycling, Austrian Tyrol

With dramatic mountains all around, this self-guided cycling holiday with Saddle Skedaddle starting in Fügen (closest airport Innsbruck, 40 minutes’ drive) is along quiet cycle paths in the Tyrolean valleys. It can either be a relaxed introduction to family cycling or faster-paced, depending on the routes chosen each day – though all cyclists will want to ride to the dramatic gorge at Wolfsklamm and swim in the lakes of Krummsee and Reintalersee. Kids will love the Black Hole water slide at the Zillertal Thermal Baths, plus a trip to the Kufstein fortress and planetarium at Schwaz.

Zipwiring, canoeing and abseiling, Scotland

In the shadow of sequoias, deep in Scotland’s Big Tree Country, is the 18th-century mansion of Dalguise (30 minutes’ drive north of Perth, two hours from Glasgow), once the summer home of Beatrix Potter. Peter Rabbit-loving kids will recognise the manager’s centre as the home of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. Now its 50 acres of formal gardens and mature woodland, by the river Tay, are the setting for family adventures ranging from zipwiring and tree climbing, to abseiling, canoeing, rock climbing, and mountain biking. There’s also an indoor sports dome for rainy days, and family and kids’ entertainment in the evenings.

Coastal horse riding, Ireland

Galloping, or just trotting, on horseback along a beach while Atlantic waves crash in is an exhilarating experience. This farm in County Sligo, right by the sea, runs family holidays for intermediate riders and above, aged 12-plus, with riding every day. Trek along the lanes, past lakes, waterfalls, historic houses and mountain backdrops, too.

Rock climbing, Spain

If your kids love the climbing wall back home, try them on the real thing on the sunny Costa Blanca, where the limestone sea cliffs and mountain crags provide a perfect and varied learning setting. Rock and Sun tailors holidays to level and age – for younger children one morning session a day is often enough. The beaches at Calp are great to relax on when not climbing. Nearest airport is Alicante, 40 miles away.

Canoeing and camping, Sweden

For the ultimate family slow travel experience, paddle down the Klarälven river in Sweden, averaging just 2km per hour. The serpentine meanderings, and Värmland landscape of forests, small villages and farmland are a delight. The river is wide and mellow, so this trip is suitable for children of all ages, as long as they’re keen to wild camp on the river’s banks. You can stop whenever you want to hike in the forest and be sure to look out for beavers around the banks and shallows. An adventure yes, but a peaceful one. The starting point is Gunnerud, about four hours from Oslo or Stockholm by train to Karlstad then bus Sourced from: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016/jan/10/family-adventure-activity-holidays-europe