In marketing, there’s an idiom that’s often stuck to that states that when people know what they like, then you should keep giving them exactly that. That’s a big part of why you see so much of the same stuff out there. Once something is successful, well, it makes the most sense to put out even more of it. You see trends in movies, books, restaurants, art, clothes, and so on largely because of this same principle. Of course, everyone has music they love as well, and they’re all too happy to continually revisit the same songs again and again. That’s at least one of the big reasons why tribute and cover bands are so popular.

It’s incredibly hard to succeed with original music these days. There’s so much out there and the competition is fierce to be sure. People already know what they’re into, and for many, there’s a major lack of openness to anything new. It’s also incredibly difficult to find the right chemistry with a group of people in creating new pieces of music together. With all of that in mind, a lot of bands are best able to get on their feet by simply covering other popular songs.

It’s a great way for a band to gain some sort of momentum and get the people that pay attention to their local scene talking. In turn, the audience gets to revel in the performance, and really root for the band they’re seeing to pull off a beloved song successfully. There’s something of an “in it together” feeling at hand. It’s a very tangible thing, albeit not easy to define. As with most successful music ventures, there’s an unspoken element at work. When things click, it’s almost magical.

Of course, tribute bands can also keep the essence of a beloved group going even if the real deal isn’t actually around anymore. Just take all of the many Beatles tributes for example, or the Elvis impersonators that take the stage under the guise of the king himself. There’s something maybe a little silly and yet incredibly interesting about these kind of tribute acts who more or less take on the personas of the band or act they’re paying homage to, rather than merely playing the music. There’s a real novelty to it, and it’s a lot of fun. Really, the novelty is a large part of the reason that such entertainment is so popular. Still not sure you’d like to see one of these acts – check out the examples on this musical act agency site.