I think we can agree that one thing is out of the question: learning the drums is exciting and fun heck, it is even healthy.

Yet, when it comes to actually sitting down behind your drum set and start hitting the shells, certain problems arise – not the least of those being: the noise. Believe me, I made my neighbors show up on my doorstep more than once and they were not bearing any gifts. Instead they came to complain about the noise produced during my drum practice and told me that I should shut the f### up.

And I suppose this is why electronic drums were born. What’s little-known though is that electronic drums have lots of advantages besides being more quiet than their acoustic counterparts.

And I will show you those in today’s post for electronic drums truly are…

1. More Quiet

Have you ever tried hitting a rubber surface with a stick? And then compared the noise produced to hitting an actual drum? If not, you should for that’s the difference in noise between electronic and acoustic drums.

In certain circumstances this can prevent your neighbors from starting to hate you encourage them to letting you play the drums for years to com.

2. More Versatile

Can you imagine changing the sound of every single drum on your entire kit and that in such a way that the sound as a whole still sounds harmonious? If you have indeed imagined that, you know that achieving this with an acoustic kit takes hours and a lot of tuning skills.

With electronic drums, by contrast, you need as much as skill as is needed to push a handful of buttons. Do that and you’ll have changed the sound of your entire kit. This is handy in live situations and invaluable in the studio (where time truly is money).

3. Jacks Of All The Trades

Plainly said: electronic drum sets can do alone what would require a lot of equipment with an acoustic drum set. Take recording for example.

If you want to record your acoustic drum kit, you need lots of microphones, a computer and possibly also an audio mixer.

With electronic drums instead you need nothing. For almost all electronic drums now have recording functions built into the module, so recording your playing (even along to music) is a as simple as pushing a button.

So there you have it: my top 3 reasons why electronic drums are a great substitute for acoustic drums. Stay tuned for more drum-related articles.