The fundraising board plays an essential role in the success of the fundraising committee. Board members arent required to be wealthy, well-connected, or gregarious in order to do their jobs well. But each member needs to know whats expected of him or her. Every board member wont find it difficult to do the following:

* Give a financial donation to your nonprofit organization

You are duty-bound to support your nonprofit financially. If you dont, how will you get other people or organizations to do so?

Make sure that you give a proud personal gift to your organization. The gift doesnt have to be huge. But it has to be a gift that you take pride in giving.

* Take the time and effort to know the fundraising program, policies, and strategies of your organization

There are board members who dont have a handle on how fundraising works. They dont know the specific strategies that their organization uses to generate contributions. They dont appreciate how direct mail helps to solicit funds. They dont understand how major gifts work. Some dont even know what theyre funding or where the money goes.

If you want to become an effective board member, you should make sure that you understand all these things.

* Be a personal advocate for your cause

Every board member should have interesting stories to tell about their organization, and what impact the nonprofit has on the community.

As a member of the board, you should be able to talk enthusiastically about the great work that your organization is doing. You should be able to inspire others with your personal zeal, enthusiasm, and commitment to your cause.

* Be supportive of the fundraising team

Encourage your fundraising team. Support all their fundraising efforts, activities and strategies.

* Make sure that fundraising gets adequate support and resources

Make sure that you invest in your organizations fundraising operations and staff. If you have a well-staffed and well-funded fundraising program, you equip it for long-term success.

* Help identify and cultivate prospective donors

You have to help open doors for your fundraising committee. You can do this by identifying prospective donors, introducing them to your committee, and setting up opportunities so they can volunteer, join events or tours, and bring in their friends.

* Go out of your way to help thank the donors

This is one of the simplest and most pleasant tasks of board members. Its also one of the most significant. Thanking your donors is one of the most effective ways you can bring your donors closer to your cause. If you can make donors feel connected to your organizations mission, you help inspire them to give again and again.

If youre a member of a fundraising board, youre not required to do formidable tasks. Your responsibilities are fairly realistic, reasonable, and very doable. If you do them with commitment and dedication, and inspire the rest of the board to do the same, you increase the chances of success for your committee to successfully raise funds for your chosen charity or cause.