People have always been drawn to the beaches whether to frolic in the sand and surf or just simply while their time away. For a great time from the busy confines of the office, many individuals and their families and friends flock to the worlds best beaches every year. For many, the sight of the sea and the sound of the pounding waves and the rustling of trees can really soothe ones senses, helping them forget the daily stresses of life.

People flock to the coast for a holiday for relaxation, experience of the environment and appreciation of the scenery. And accommodation owners are located in these coastal hotspots to ensure visitors have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable stay. There are cliff-top hotels, beach B&Bs, sea view holiday cottages and coastal campsites.

Here are 20 of the worlds best beaches that you simply have to prepare for to visit at least once in your lifetime. These have been rated by Britons as the top 20 destinations for superb sea views and for other reasons.

1. The Black Sea Coast for its excellent weather, affordability, and superb food.

2. The beaches of North Tunisia for its warm good weather all year round and superbly low prices.

3. The coast of the historic city of Anatolya in turkey for its superb views of both the sea and the mountain range.

4. The Sharm el-Sheik in Egypt for its vibrant marine life in its crystal clear waters; perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.

5. The Algarve region of Portugal for its insanely low cost yet scenic beaches.

6. The Indian beaches of Goa for its paradise-like palm tree-lined beaches and excellent warm weather.

7. The beaches of Dubrovnik in Croatia for its pristine waters, superb hospitality, and great food.

8. The seaside city of Lamarca in Cyprus for its unparalleled sunset views and warm hospitality.

9. The popular beaches, albeit crowded, beaches of Crete in Greece for a taste of the warm Mediterranean waters.

10. The beaches of Spains Balearic Islands for its warm weather albeit it can get crowded in the summer.

11. The beaches of the Canary Islands, long been a favourite among Britons as a holiday destination.

12. The coast of Amalfi in Italy has long been a favourite British tourist destination since the beginning of the 20th century.

13. The warm waters of Bali in Indonesia for its culture, food, and religious tolerance. Its got excellently low prices, too.

14. The coastal region of UKs Cornwall has been providing Britons with a more practical way to enjoy their beach activities while also giving them a taste of history.

15. The French Cote dAzur has long been popular among the British aristocracy and members of the rich and famous.

16. The Maldives, with its more than 1,000 coral islands, make for a fantastic beach destination.

17. The beaches of Florida especially in the South Beach area for its warm weather and great food.

18. The islands of Hawaii have always been at the top of peoples mind, that is if you dont mind the rather prohibitive cost.

19. The coast of Rio de Janeiro is famous for its beaches as well as fantastic views, albeit pricey.

20. The beaches of Sydney for its warm weather and excellent hospitality.

There are other beaches you might want to explore. Nevertheless, these are just the top 20 beaches that Britons have been visiting across the world in the past century or so.