Wales has many miles of beach and coast to offer all sorts of water activities. In fact, visitors on holiday in Wales should try to spend a bit more time on the coast to try as many out as possible. However, it is the perfect combination of strong winds, the sea and the sandy beaches that provide just the right conditions for some special activities on the water.

Kitesurfing is one of those activities that can also turn into a serious sport. Because Wales offers kitesurfing opportunities to everyone from beginners to experts, it is not surprising that many have eventually become champions in professional competitions. If this is one of your unfulfilled life dreams, here are five spots where you can go to finally check kitesurfing off your list of things to try.

Porthcawl on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast

This is one of the UKs kitesurfing point breaks, because of the continuous and sometimes changing strong winds. This means the air can be blowing from north-westerly to suddenly easterly directions. This makes Porthcawl one of the best point breaks for kitesurfing.

Llangenith in Gower

Many beaches have been blessed with winds that can blow in all directions. Though Gower is more remote and rugged, it still gets quite full with surfers, kayakers, longboarders and kitesurfers. The lack of enforced rules and the many people may make it complicated, though the beach is long enough for everyone. Llangenith on the Gower Peninsula is a popular holiday hotspots for watersports enthusiasts and families on vacation, thanks to the pretty holiday cottages in this part of Wales with a sea view, as well as a beachside campsite and local pubs with B&B accommodation.

Freshwater West

The incredible swells do not make it the right place for beginners. In fact, it can be quite scary so leave the experts to try it out. It might not be the best kitesurfing beach, but it can be at times, enough to give experts a real thrill.

Borth in Ceredigion

Borth is relatively mild in comparison to other areas, meaning itís ideal for beginners. This is because the estuary divides the water into two sides: one full of waves and the other flat. With the wind, though, you can also stay on the offshore side and still enjoy the wind. Another plus for this place is the wonderful scenery of the Snowdonia mountains right there in the background.


The ideal conditions seem to exist here all the time. Rhosneigr also has Snowdonia National Park as a wonderful backdrop when you go kitesurfing. What makes it even better is its vicinity to other great locations like Angelsey, Llandudno and Black Rock Sands within a 15-minute drive away.

No one is too old to try out a new water sport, especially if you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping holiday with your best buddies. Take advantage of the perfect kitesurfing conditions in the area, and find out how quickly it actually is to go from beginner to expert!

These five spots will also have many self-catering cottages for you to easily rent as you improve your skills and enjoy flying and jumping in the wonderful waters off the Welsh coast. Before you know it, you will be a regular and maybe even a future champ!